Freeway Editions is an online art gallery that works specifically with artists to create authentic artworks. We work closely with street, graffiti and urban contemporary artists from all over the world to bring truly exceptional screen prints, hand-painted prints and sculptures to you, the art lover. 
We have built lasting relationships with some of the most prominent international contemporary artists and from these relationships come collaborations to create exclusive pieces. Our artists make screen prints and hand-painted pieces in our Los Angeles studio and then work with our printers through every step of the printmaking process. Each artist handles the print through all levels of production, from designing, stencil making, actual printing and to finally hand-painting details, signing and numbering. Because the artist individually paints each edition, every piece in a set is different. This process offers both the unique hand-painted quality of an original, while still being part of an exclusive collection.

The quality and rarity of these pieces makes the Freeway Editions collection an ideal place to find the perfect unique gift for any art lover in your life!

Freeway Editions’ online gallery manager Virginie chose these prints to gift to any art lover who is looking for that special piece to hang in their home art collection! "This selection of art pieces inspire me everyday; from prints with rich vivid colors that brighten up modern white walls to prints with softer colors for a more calming and relaxed feeling". From this selection you can find a unique piece for any room and all tastes!