France has been a center in European urban art for decades. French urban contemporary art is said to have started with France's Situationist International Movement in the late 1950’s. This group of avant-garde intellectuals developed a street art scene as a gesture of rejection of institutionalized art and a reclaiming of public space. Since then the art form has developed and grown but the threads of social justice always seep through in brilliant color. Freeway Editions works closely with many French contemporary artists to create a variety of exclusive screen prints. Whether these artists come from a street, urban, or graffiti art background, they all create unique incredible hand-painted works that speak to all audiences.   

Browse through a selection of limited edition prints from French urban contemporary artists including: L'AtlasMistReroSpeedy GraphitoThomas Canto and Tilt. Each art piece has been designed, hand-pulled and individually painted by these world-renowned artists. Take a look at our online gallery and see what piece you are going to add to your growing art collection!