Artist of the Week, Thomas Canto and his Fine Lines.

Let's talk about Thomas Canto, FreeWay Editions' artist of the week. We hope to highlight some of Canto’s art and explain a bit more about how the artist works. Thomas Canto was born in 1979 in France where he still lives and works. Canto's work is incredibly architectural in nature. Clean lines and precise geometry create a feeling of volume and a skewed perspective. The shapes Canto creates envelope the viewer and transcend space and time. The artist uses influences from graffiti, Op art, and architecture to create immaculate and tidy visual worlds that toe the line between order and chaos. 

Although Thomas Canto does work in two dimensions his work has a three dimensional quality to it therefore it’s not surprising that Canto has been working on new pieces that are more sculptural in nature. The artist uses his meticulous paintings as backdrops for weaved fine strings that intersect the painted lines. The wires he uses slice through the two dimensionality and playfully reflect light and provide depth, making the pieces even more kinetic and fascinating to perceive.  


 For the past decade Canto’s work has been shown internationally. Just in the past year he has been particularly busy with his new works: Group show BUND 18″, Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai (China), Solo show Transparent landscapes, Atelier des bains, Geneva (Switzerland) Perspective Lines, Installation for the Nuit Blanche, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris (France) Group show, Main Street, Atelier des bains, Geneva (Switzerland) Group show, French art studio, London (UK) Group show, A major minority, 1AMSF gallery, San Francisco (U.S.A.) Group show Love etc. , David Pluskwa gallery, Marseille (France) Group show, Fabien Castanier gallery, Los Angeles (U.S.A) Group show Sensitive eye, David Bloch gallery, Marrakech (Morocco) Group show, Atelier des Bains, Geneva (Switzerland).

“…From walls covered with graffiti and posters to the surreal architectures of his futuristic cities, from the absence of any trace of mankind to his highly meticulous portraits, the artist is all about detail.
Fond of precision work and keen on pure aesthetics, technique holds a prominent place in his production. His gestures, as well as the materials and tools he uses evolve together with his art, and his work continues to gain clarity through experience and time.” –


Please take a look at Thomas Canto's hand painted screen prints on FreeWay Editions as well as his new pieces in “Transparent Landscapes” on display now at Atelier de Bains, Geneva, Switzerland.





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