FEATURED PRINT: Parallels by Thomas Canto

This week Freeway Editions highlights the work of Thomas Canto. His two part Parallels series exemplifies Canto's ability to turn geometric line drawings into explosive artwork almost bursting from the paper. 

Thomas Canto is an urban contemporary artist living and working in France. He was born in 1979 in France where he still resides and continues to draw inspirations. Much like many artist Canto draws very specifically from his personal urban environment, however his unique vision translates into something quite different; his work seems to represents the tension between order and chaos. Through the use of precise line work and complex geometries, Thomas Canto has created a particularly acute perception of the world around him.

Parallels Set #1 Edition 7 of 8 is part of the unique set of hand-painted screen prints from urban contemporary artist Thomas Canto. Each piece of this limited edition set was individually painted by the artist before 1 silkscreen color was applied to a high quality Khadi paper, handmade in India. This process allows the artist to handle each edition one by one, which makes every piece in a set very unique and authentic. Each edition is signed and numbered by Thomas Canto.

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