Today Freeway Editions is focusing on the whimsy work of THTF, a street art duo from France.

These two young street artists met in 2008 while attending art school in France. After a few collaborative drawings and paintings, they decide to form the artistic duo now known as THTF in November of 2009. They began to create a signature style: simplistic large black & white characters the couple is known for today. These large, minimal, line pieces were created specifically to be wheat pasted throughout the streets in France but soon their cartoonish street art began to be seen on walls around the world. THTF make sweeping happy and curious characters that despite being plastered on walls, seem to have a need to interact with the world around them. By creating these large-scale dreamlike murals, THTF made the streets their personal gallery. Their work has become internationally recognizable and thus they have also begun making work in gallery spaces making both paintings and sculpture. Using their distinguishable, playful style to transform the white walls of galleries around the world.


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