This week's featured artist is Faith47. Freeway Editions has admired her works from all over the globe and today we are speaking a bit more about her and her subjects.
Faith47 is a self-taught artist from Cape Town, South Africa. The artist is best known for her graffiti and street art depicting both people and animals interacting with whimsical environments. Althought she lives and works in Cape Town she often is traveling the world creating art in new places with new people. Faith draws inspiration from questions of life and its curious connections. Faith is humbled by the destructive and creative nature in human life and how cyclical these aspect of existence have become. Her works often convey a message of deeper meaning about death, freedom, and life. Faith says, “My experiences painting on the street have bled over into my studio work and into these prints, bringing in the moods and textures of the urban environment as well as the scrawlings, sentences, poems and texts that are left behind by disenfranchised homeless people, stowaways and gangs tags that I’ve been documenting over the past few years.”


Check out her incredibly evocative works on her website.

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