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ART NEWS: Surface, an Exhibition at Subliminal Projects

We here at Freeway Editions recently received an email about an upcoming photo show here in Los Angeles. We were so stoked on the show we decided to share it with everyone! Subliminal Projects is a gallery space promoting diverse forms of art. Originally created by Shepard Fairey and Blaize Blouin in 1995 the gallery space has grown to be a destination for art lovers. The group helped introduce the subculture of skateboarding to the art world and since then the space has hosted exhibitions for all types of artistic mediums including but...

ART NEWS: Street Art at SXSW 2015

SXSW features street art for the first time! This year the festival community sponsored various art projects at the 28th annual music festival in Austin, Texas. Throughout the festival's history the focus has been on music, film, and technology, which all overlap with the visual arts, but this year was the first time there were scheduled, dedicated art projects throughout the city not just art happenings in the periphery. From interactive light art, tech community arts projects, to the most public of all, street art murals throughout the city's landscape.

More about the festival:



This week Freeway Editions is taking a look at the work of  SoCal artist CANTSTOPGOODBOY. This guy has been on a roll making paintings for exhibitions and art fairs as well as collaborating with tons of top brands and musicians. Check out his work and stay tuned for more from this artist.

From the artist's bio:  "Although only 22 years old, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, is quickly making his mark in the emerging world of street art.  A native of Southern California, he was introduced to the world of art at an...

ART NEWS: NYC Art Fair Happenings

The art fair season has slowed down here on the west coast but this week the frenzy starts in NYC. Despite the freezing temperatures and feet of snow, everyone is headed east for a variety of art showcases in New York City. Because it is such a hectic week and there are so many fairs to choose from, Freeway Editions has chosen a few to focus on, here is our art fair break down for this week. 

From the press releases: 


The Armory Show

"The Armory Show, a leading international contemporary...

Outsider Art Fair

This past weekend not only was a busy art fair weekend in Los Angeles but also on the East Coast.  In NYC the 23rd edition of the Outsider Art Fair was happening at Center 548 in Chelsea. The Outsider Art Fair is a yearly platform for hundreds of international artists and galleries to come together and celebrate the unorthodox of the art world. The Outsider Art Fair highlights marginalized, unique, artists who are unprecedented in the contemporary art realm. These artists are self taught or otherwise represent a minority of creatives that would rarely be seen at a conventional fair.

As Art Fair...