Holiday Artwork: For Everyone on Your List

Posted on December 03, 2015 by Lauren W.

It's that time of year again, fall is coming to a close and the holiday season is upon us! Make sure to check out some of Freeway Editions' newest hand-painted screen prints and sculptures! Also if you are looking for inspiration take a look at our Holiday Gift Guide! 

In the past few months we have added new work and new artists to our collection so take a look at all of the new special hand painted pieces we have to offer! 

Miss Van 
Mark Jenkins

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NEW ARTWORK: PRO176 Now Available!

Posted on July 29, 2015 by Lauren W.

Freeway Editions is excited to announce the new HPM series by Pro176 is now available in our online store! We featured Pro on the blog a few months ago in the Spring and promised there would be new stuff coming from the urban artist soon and here we are with all new work! The artist takes familiar imagery from comics and turns them into colorful, organic, abstract works. Check out the new series entitled "Extravagant Galactik Traveller 176". This new selection of prints are part of the HPM collection; hand painted screen prints on handmade paper making each piece unique and original. 

Check out the new work here


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8 of 8 




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Posted on March 20, 2015 by Lauren W.

This week Freeway Editions features French urban artist, PRO176. Pro's artwork can be seen on walls and in galleries worldwide. His signature explosive style is both precise and organic. 

About the artist: 

Pro176 was born July 26th 1976 in Paris and Grew up in Choisy-le-Roi, a small town in France's southern suburbs.  He taught himself at a young age how to draw by copying the art of Jack Kirby, the famous American comic illustrator. American comic books quickly became his foundational inspiration and thus his love for art transpired.

Later in life Pro176 watched graffiti writers Mode2 and Colt paint during the '89 Youth Festival for Equality ', after this pivotal moment Pro decided to dedicate his life to urban art.  School quickly took the back burner and Pro176 began to make art whenever and wherever he could. Striving to perfect the use of text and image to create walls bursting with color and geometry.

In 1996, he joined the ranks of the infamous Grim Team, a group of urban artists, including Oeno Chaze, gold Turs and the Photographer Armen. The Following year, rechristened as Pro176, he became one of the founders of the Ultra Boys International. With Gold Jabe, Sozyone, Kool Func 88, Byz, Shake and Simplex, the crew claims a new form of graffiti, inspired by Marvel comic books, abstract futuristic mathematics, alphabetical constructivism and Cubism. From 1992 to 2010 Pro 176 worked in music, collaborating with many popular hip-hop artists throughout Europe. He produced three albums ("The Scream Bricks", "Vocabulary Granite" and "Galactick") and performed worldwide.

 However varied his interests Pro176 has remained focused on his art. He uses a palette of vibrant color to render geometric, galactic inspired works that burst from their occupied spaces. In 2009 PRO176 met the New York’s “Godfather of Graffiti”, Seen, while looking for a studio. The two instantly hit it off and began working together. Pro176 had admired Seen as a writer for years so it was fate that the two meet 20 years later. With this friendship Pro176 received a new kind of arts education. Seen taught Pro how to refine his painting techniques and grow as a painter. Pro176 has been evolving in his practice ever since. 

 Pro176 lives and works in France.



 Check back for more exciting news about Pro176, new stuff coming soon! 


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