pro176PRO176 was born on July 26th 1976 in Paris and grew up in Choisy-le-Roi, a small town in France’s capital southern suburbs. Born to an accountant and a stay at home mom, nothing in his family environment predestined him to an artistic career. Starting at age 5 however, he taught himself how to draw by copying the art of Jack Kirby, the famous American comic illustrator.
He claims a style inspired by Jack Kirby’s universe, where the eternal philosophical battle of good versus evil takes place amidst universes filled with infinite galaxies and stars, crowded by heroes and super villains. “After all, the universe is as wide as the creatures that must inhabit it”. An early movie enthusiast, huge futuristic machines and spaceships coming straight out of a sci-fi flick often appear in his backgrounds. His letters, designed to the extreme, perfectly interlock with these astro-galactic universes, just as the anatomic lines of his characters blend with the vivid color palette he uses in his work. 

These limited edition hand-painted screen prints (also called serigraphs or silkscreen prints) are produced exclusively by PRO176 for the artist in our studio in Los Angeles.

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