Shark Toof Attacks!

Shark Toof is an LA based artist, internationally known for his use of iconic hand drawn shark imagery. The artist hails from a street art background but has taken his knowledge of graffiti art and the technical skills acquired in art school to develop a signature style that is recognized worldwide. Take a look at this week’s featured hand-painted screen print by Shark Toof!

Shark Toof Set Edition 5 of 8 is part of the unique set of hand-painted prints from urban contemporary artist Shark Toof. The artist individually painted each piece of this limited edition set before and after 1 silkscreen color was applied to a high quality cotton paper, handmade in India. This process allows the artist to handle each edition one by one, which makes every piece in a set very unique and authentic. Each edition is signed and numbered by Shark Toof.

Unframed $500
Framed $700

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