Fall Highlights in the Culver City Arts District

Let’s start autumn off with a little taste of local contemporary art!

Freeway Editions is located in the Culver City Arts District and we are excited to be a part of such a thriving arts community! The city of Los Angeles is incredibly saturated with urban contemporary art and we are enthusiastic to not only be a part of the culture but also help the arts evolve! This month was a particularly great time to check out shows in the Culver City Arts District and most of the exhibitions are running through the month of October, so it’s not too late to check out these amazing artists. We have picked a few highlights.


Jonni Cheatwood, Alysian at Prohibition Gallery

Jonni Cheatwood is a Los Angeles based artist who paints large-scale chaotic abstract paintings. His work is bold, energetic but also heavy with dark juxtaposing patches of color and texture. His work is incredibly evocative and is definitely worth experiencing in person. Showing now at Prohibition Gallery.



Kehinde Wiley, World Stage: Haiti at Roberts and Tilton

Kehinde Wiley is a New York based artist, however he grew up in Los Angeles, which explains his pop sensibility. His large-scale portraits are personalized social commentary on cultures and people around the world. A celebrity in the art world, Kehinde Wiley has figured out what is next for pop art. Wiley is on show now at Roberts and Tilton until October 25, 2014.



Kaws, A Man’s Best Friend, at Honor Fraiser

Kaws has a special place in our heart! As an artist with roots in graffiti, Kaws has taken the sensibility of street art to the white walls of contemporary gallery spaces around the world. His new work consists of bold lines, colors, and shapes stretched across three-dimensional wood frames. The artist is consistently making references to pop culture but has created a magnified dialogue that truly dissects the relationships between art and culture. This new dynamic work is on display at Honor Frasier through October 31, 2014.


Katherine Bernhardt, Doritos and Diet Coke, at China Art Objects Galleries

Kathrine Bernhardt’s new exhibition, Doritos and Diet Coke is much more about the paint and less about the munchies. She is well known for using consumer- based symbols and images which she depicts in expressionistic textured paintings. This show is telling of the things we consume and those things which have consumed us. Bernhardt’s provocative works are on display now at China Art Objects Galleries until October 18th 2014.


We hope you find the time to make it to our neighborhood and check out some of these amazing exhibitions!












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