All about CRASH

This week Freeway Editions is highlighting the work of John CRASH Matos. CRASH has been writing graffiti for over 30 years, but I guess that’s not surprising seeing as how he began bombing at the age of thirteen. Shortly after his teen years in train yards John Matos transitioned from the streets to galleries and thus a graffiti art career flourished. Since the 1980’s CRASH has been exhibiting his work around the world. His first show, which launched his career, took place in his own neighborhood, at Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY an Outdoor Mural installation through a grant from the Beards Fund. From the Bronx to internationally known, he has managed to stay true to his roots. Crash’s most recent shows in 2014 include: “Flow”, Dorian Grey Gallery, New York, NY with Remi Rough, “Crash, Back to Metal”, Speerstra Gallery, Bursins, CH, “Crash”, ArtPalmBeach, Palm Beach, FL. 

Check out his recent works here. 

Photo by: Joe Russo

CRASH has broadened his scope of work over the years and although he still works on large- scale pieces his resume includes murals, cars, trains, canvas, and product design. No matter what the medium the theme is always the same, bringing the bold colors and energy of street art to the precarious platform of fine art. 



Check out CRASH’s work here and stay tuned for his new hand painted screen prints!

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