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ART NEWS: Coney Island Art Walls

Freeway Editions has been following closely as Jeffery Deitch slowly unveils his latest street art project in NYC. The former MOCA director has found himself back in New York and supporting the street art scene once more. Coney Island Art Walls is a collaborative effort to bring together a large number of street artists from all over the world to paint walls throughout the amusement park community. This ongoing summer event does not have a proposed end date but is said to continue through September. From the Art Beat blog (NY Times)


ART NEWS: Bushwick Open Studios

Here at Freeway Editions we like to cover art fair events to give our readers a taste of the art for profit world but we also obviously celebrate the art sharing community. Art for art's sake! So much of urban contemporary art is made for this very purpose, to bring people together to enjoy a visual experience and this is what we love about open creative communities like Bushwick and their growing art festival. 

Last week marked the ninth annual Bushwick Open Studios event in the arts neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York....

ART NEWS: A Round-Up of the Latest Art News

Freeway Editions had an incredibly busy first weekend in May. Show openings and art fairs galore! So today on the blog we are doing a bit of an art news round up, happenings, events, and art world news that caught our attention. 

Last week marked the 5th edition of San Francisco’s Art Market fair which seemed to bring together a diverse group of established as well as young galleries from all over California.

More about the fair:  “Art Market San Francisco will return to the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion this spring to celebrate its fifth edition. Following...

ART NEWS: Urban Art Biennale 2015

March 29th will mark the beginning of the third edition of UrbanArt Biennale, an art show hosted every two years at Völklingen Ironworks, a World Cultural Heritage Site located in Saarbrücken, Germany. This art show focuses on the evolution of street art, graffiti, and urban art throughout the world. These genres of art making have come to the forefront of contemporary art culture, slowly but surely making their way into the mainstream of the art world. The UrbanArt Biennale celebrates this aesthetic progression and the artists who have made it possible....

ART NEWS: Street Art at SXSW 2015

SXSW features street art for the first time! This year the festival community sponsored various art projects at the 28th annual music festival in Austin, Texas. Throughout the festival's history the focus has been on music, film, and technology, which all overlap with the visual arts, but this year was the first time there were scheduled, dedicated art projects throughout the city not just art happenings in the periphery. From interactive light art, tech community arts projects, to the most public of all, street art murals throughout the city's landscape.

More about the festival: