ART NEWS: Bushwick Open Studios

Here at Freeway Editions we like to cover art fair events to give our readers a taste of the art for profit world but we also obviously celebrate the art sharing community. Art for art's sake! So much of urban contemporary art is made for this very purpose, to bring people together to enjoy a visual experience and this is what we love about open creative communities like Bushwick and their growing art festival. 

Last week marked the ninth annual Bushwick Open Studios event in the arts neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The neighborhood has been a celebrated outlet for creative souls and to mark this rich artistic history, the community comes together to share it's vibrant creative scene. From the website: 

"Arts in Bushwick is an all-volunteer, non-hierarchical organization. We have a completely open structure, where anyone in the community who is willing to volunteer their time is welcome to join with us and take on a leadership role. Dozens of community members volunteer their time as organizers for each of our festivals and year-round, and many many more pitch in during our events."

Overall the program strives to build a community around a creative platform, to share art projects, activities, and organized events that are open to all. Last week was packed with activities, artist talks, block parties, and over 500 opened studios. To say the least art was EVERYWHERE! Take a look at some of the highlights and make sure to check out their website (link above) to learn more about the project.



Installation view of ‘Making History’ at Storefront Ten Eyck (photo courtesy Arts in Bushwick)

Image via Guest of Guest 

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