NEW Unique Hand-Painted Screen Prints

FreeWay Editions is always introducing new artworks to the online store but this week we are featuring a whole new category of hand-painted screen prints. These works are one of kind unique hand-painted screen prints from urban contemporary artist Speedy Graphito. Each of these pieces was individually painted by the artist after silkscreen colors were applied to the Coventry Rag Vellum 320g paper. After Speedy Graphito painted, designed, and screen printed these prints the artist then went over the original piece to completely transform it into an unique one of a kind artwork. These are not part of a series and therefore only a few are available. Take a look at this new collection and tell us what you think!  

Cash King is a unique hand-painted screen print. This hand-painted serigraph is signed by Speedy Graphito.



 I Love You So This unique hand-painted serigraph print is also signed by Speedy Graphito.

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