Tilt aka a “Graffiti Fetishist”

Tilt is an internationally recognized traditional graffiti artist, originating from Toulouse in South France.  A self declared “graffiti fetishist”, he learned his trade in the streets and on trains as a teen.  In the time since he did his first tags on a skateboard ramp back in ’88, his ensuing career has been nourished and influenced by extensive travel.

Tilt incorporates both primitive lettering and more complicated 3D, wildstyle, characters with an emphasis on both strong colors and high impact shapes. Remaining close to the classic hip-hop graffiti ideology, Tilt focuses on the stylization of his name. Subsequently rendering the majority of his work in “throw-up” bubble letter style. However abstract the medium, his work will always center on graphic forms and urban art. 

Tilt lives and works in Toulouse. 

He is currently participating in the Young International Artists Art Fair in Paris. Tilt's installation piece for Galerie WallWorks at the fair is rather spectacular. See images below. And make sure to check out his artwork on FreeWay Editions and his website


Flop Edition 5 of 8 is part of the unique set of hand-painted serigraph prints from urban contemporary artist Tilt. Each piece of this limited edition set was individually painted by the artist before 1 silkscreen color was applied to a high quality paper, handmade in India. Each edition is signed and numbered by Tilt.



YIA Art Fair
Le Carreau du Temple (Paris III)

2014 Installation mixed media

Installation for the Nuart Festival 
Panic restrooms
2m30 x 5m15 x 3m10
Mixed media


Ice Cream Edition 8 of 8 is part of the unique set of hand-painted serigraph prints from urban contemporary artist TiltEach edition is signed and numbered by Tilt.




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