Smash137's New Color

To round out this week Freeway Editions wanted to speak about Smash137’s new solo exhibition entitled “New Color”. The show is on exhibit at Galerie Neuheisel in Germany until January 21st. The title “Neue Fabre” or “New Color” comes from a story of childhood nostalgia, Adrian Falkner AKA Smash137, recalls trying to mix colors and make “a new color” with his brother as a child. And from this childhood curiosity stemmed a graffiti artist career on the streets of Basel, Switzerland. Despite his graffiti roots since 2008 Smash137 has taken his urban art talents to the canvas to establish himself as a contemporary artist. For the past six years the artist has been creating explosive abstract works consisting of brilliant color and fine lines. These new works still convey a sense of vibrant street color but are now contained within the clean lines of framed canvases. Not to say these works are limited in anyway, one gets the sense of control the artist uses to create artwork that seems both spontaneous and calculated. Check out images below and tell us what you think!




Smash137 has also released a lithograph print of one of his paintings. Check out his website for more details! 



Images from Arrested Motion and Very Nearly Almost 

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