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Smash137's New Color

To round out this week Freeway Editions wanted to speak about Smash137’s new solo exhibition entitled “New Color”. The show is on exhibit at Galerie Neuheisel in Germany until January 21st. The title “Neue Fabre” or “New Color” comes from a story of childhood nostalgia, Adrian Falkner AKA Smash137, recalls trying to mix colors and make “a new color” with his brother as a child. And from this childhood curiosity stemmed a graffiti artist career on the streets of Basel, Switzerland. Despite his graffiti roots since 2008 Smash137 has taken his urban...

On the Walls of Miami Beach

This past week Freeway Editions attended Art Basel Miami, a week of growing satellite fairs, pop-up shows, parties and live art performances that makes for the largest art fair event in the United States. Galleries, artists, and art collectors come from all over the globe to participate in this weeklong art experience. During Art Basel week the streets of the area’s arts district come a live with an influx of people, artists, and public art. The Wynwood district has developed into an exhibition space for some of the world’s most renowned street artists. During this art-saturated week, Read the article

The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2014

FreeWay Editions is excited to be a part of TWO issues of Graffiti Art Magazine! We are featured in both the current edition of the magazine as well as “ The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2014”. Graffiti Art Magazine is a French publication focused on emerging and established international artists in the urban contemporary art scene. The magazine has become THE official magazine of urban contemporary art. Graffiti Art also publishes an annual guide that highlights major artists in the realm of urban inspired art. More on the guidebook:

 “From Aakash Nihalani...

Smash137, "Between the Lines"

Smash137 is and urban contemporary artist originally from Basel, Switzerland. His work is described as abstractions of urban calligraphy. “Sometimes in a simple gray with black outlines, other times enriched with vibrant and bubbly colors, or creating a three dimensionality through skillful shading.” Smash137 has a variety of styles and his artwork is always evolving. For FreeWay Editions, the artist created these wonderful abstract pieces for our hand painted screen print collection. Take a look at all of Smash137’s artwork here.


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