On the Walls of Miami Beach

This past week Freeway Editions attended Art Basel Miami, a week of growing satellite fairs, pop-up shows, parties and live art performances that makes for the largest art fair event in the United States. Galleries, artists, and art collectors come from all over the globe to participate in this weeklong art experience. During Art Basel week the streets of the area’s arts district come a live with an influx of people, artists, and public art. The Wynwood district has developed into an exhibition space for some of the world’s most renowned street artists. During this art-saturated week, The Wynwood Walls project takes place. This project is a celebration of street art, urban art, and graffiti which has been taking place since 2009.

 “The Wynwood Walls has brought the world's greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami. Jeffrey Deitch co-curated the first successful year of the project in 2009, collaborating with Tony Goldman before his appointment as museum director of MOCA Los Angeles. 'We have strived for a diverse representation of both American and international artists that encompasses everything from the old school graffiti artists to the newest work being created around the world. The project has truly evolved into what my friend Jeffrey Deitch calls a Museum of the Streets,' Tony summarized."

-Wynwood Walls

 As a part of this year’s event several of Freeway Editions’ artists produced work and painted the walls of the buzzing arts district. We have decided to take a look at a few of our favorite pieces. This year’s Wynwood Walls artists included: Shepard Fairey, Stelios Faitakis, Saner & Sego, Ryan McGinness, Ron English, Retna, Os Gemeos, Nunca, Miss Van, Maya Hayuk, Lady Pink, Kenny Scharf, How & Nosm, Faile, Bast, Futura, Fafi, Daze, B., Avaf, and Aiko. Along with many others!

Shepard Fairey

Creating sanctioned art provides a street artist with a whole new approach to creating. Fairey had the time and option to really develop an intricate motif to highlight themes of politics and social justice. He combined themes of old and new works to create an iconic mural.

“While the idea of an outdoor art oasis with his favorite artists was appealing, Shepard was also attracted by its proximity to Art Basel and the excitement about art that the show and its satellite fairs create. Ultimately, he believes that good art in public should be something cities support: "Tony is really thinking about how art can benefit people's city experience and how that can be sanctioned by the city rather than it having to be done in opposition to the city. I like that because I see art as a really important part of people's quality of life." - Wynwood Walls 


Also in the Wynwood District JonOne painted a wall promoting his recent collaboration with Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water. The wall, which will be on display during Miami Art Week at 2407 NW 2nd Ave. (corner of NW 24thSt. and NW 2nd Ave.), marks JonOne’s first outdoor installation in the U.S. in ten years. The new work is representative of the artist’s signature style of bold color and explosive text.

 “Perrier has always been an avid supporter of the arts, and each year we look to Miami Art Week to celebrate that heritage through creative collaborations and exciting contemporary installations,” said Priya Shenoy, Perrier Group Marketing Manager. “JonOne possesses a daring creativity and passion for innovation that Perrier is delighted to help bring to life through his new art wall in Wynwood this year.” -Miami Art Scene

Smash137 and Crash

And last but certainly not least on the list of Freeway Artists decking the walls of Miami, Crash and Smash137 collaborated on a mural piece for L.I.S.A Project NYC. The L.I.S.A project is a street and graffiti art project started in NYC by Wayne Rada, the project brings together artists to create public works of art. What started in Little Italy in the streets of New York has now brought its diverse street art love to Miami Beach! Smash 137 and Crash teamed up with the people of L.I.S.A project to collaborate on a wall in the Wynwood district. After almost two days of painting the pair completed a vibrant mesh of two iconic street styles. Explosions of pinks, reds, and bold lettering exemplified each artist’s style. The wall is a combination of abstractions and bold illustrative design working in tandem to create a piece that reflects the vibrancy of Miami Beach. 


Make sure to check out all of these artists' work and let us know if you have any favorites from Art Basel Miami! Share your stories via email or on our Facebook wall!


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