This week Freeway Editions is highlighting hand painted screen prints by L'Atlas. The Parallels series exemplifies L'Atlas' ability to turn geometric patterns into optically mesmerizing artworks.    

L'Atlas began writing graffiti in the early 90's. Fascinated by the history of handwriting, he studied calligraphy in several countries and eventually designed his own typography. L’Atlas also worked in film, learning traditional editing techniques and directing several documentaries. The main subject of his work is displacement; he works within the realm of street art in order to create a dialogue within a specific urban space. He began to frequently intervene in the public space and became a major figure of the Street Art movement. L’Atlas has developed a pictorial dialect in which every letter is considered a shape and every shape as a letter, leading him to his graphic abstraction.
He lives and works in Paris.  

Check out the full series here. 


Parallels Edition 6 of 8 is part of the unique set of hand-painted serigraph prints from urban contemporary artist L'Atlas. Each piece of this limited edition set was individually painted by the artist after 1 silkscreen color was applied to a high quality cotton paper, handmade in India. This process allows the artist to handle each edition one by one, which makes every piece in a set very unique and authentic. Each edition is signed and numbered by L'Atlas.

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