Jean-François Perroy, better known as Jef Aérosol, was born in Nantes, France on January 15th 1957. He's a French urban stencil artist as well as a pioneer in the street art movement in the 1980s.  Jef Aérosol has been living and working in Lille, France since 1984 but his works are exhibited worldwide.

He painted his first stencil in 1982 in central France and thus began a street art movement. Little did Jef know, he was paving the way for a younger generation of urban artists. Most often Jef paints detailed images of celebrities and icons such as  Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Lennon, Hendrix, Basquiat, Amalia Rodrigues, Dylan etc. More importantly though Jef also uses the faces of “ordinary people” in his works as well as celebrities, to give validation to those who we encounter everyday. By using these subjects he allows the viewer to confront fellow humans, to connect and not just become passersby.

 Jef Aerosol has made his mark around the world. Making work in numerous cities internationally, even stenciled on the Great Wall of China! Jef's works can also be seen in many exhibitions, group and solo shows, festivals, art-fairs, auction sales and international events. Several galleries in France and abroad represent his work.

The artist lives and works in Lille, France.

For more information on Jef Aerosol and his work see the artist's website



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