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ART NEWS: What's new in urban art?



Goodbye Summer! And of course saying goodbye to warm weather and vacation means we are starting to welcome in the Art Fairs and Festivals that come with the Fall season. Freeway Editions will be doing a breakdown of what's coming up in the Art Fair world and how these events celebrate urban contemporary art. 

Currently, in Roma, Outdoor Camp is just getting started and the corresponding arts festival will be taking place next month. Here's more about the events: 

"The ' Outdoor Camp will...



Jean-François Perroy, better known as Jef Aérosol, was born in Nantes, France on January 15th 1957. He's a French urban stencil artist as well as a pioneer in the street art movement in the 1980s.  Jef Aérosol has been living and working in Lille, France since 1984 but his works are exhibited worldwide.

He painted his first stencil in 1982 in central France and thus began a street art movement. Little did Jef know, he was paving the way for a younger generation of urban artists. Most often Jef paints detailed images of celebrities and icons such as ...