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ART NEWS: May-June Art Shows

Happy Friday to all! Freeway Editions would like to highlight some recent or upcoming art shows that are happening around the world, all featuring the work of our very own Freeway artists. If you happened to be in any of these places, make sure to check out these shows or openings! 

First up is Gajin Fujita, a local LA artist, who currently has a show up at LA Louver entitled "Warriors, Ghosts, and Ancient Gods of the Pacific". This show opened earlier...

The Elegant Works of Gajin Fujita.

Gajin Fujita (born 1972) is a graffiti artist from East Los Angeles. Fujita has created a style that merges both his Japanese roots and his Los Angeles upbringing. The artist visually compares and contrasts imagery from varying cultures in order to truly communicate the crossover and divergences of each identity. Fujita is a member of LA graffiti crews K2S (Kill 2 Succeed) and KGB (Kids Gone Bad) and continues to live and work in Los Angeles.
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