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"Speedy Graphito: Made in America" Book Release

Freeway Editions is proud to announce the newly released “Speedy Graphito: Made in America” publication is now available in our online store! This exceptional volume chronicles the artist’s work in the United States since 2011. The 240 page book presents an exclusive look into the exhibitions, special projects, and performances that Speedy created while on his journey to become an established presence in the American art world. The book explores the notions of transition, creation, and assimilation into a specific kind of American culture to be explored, dissected, and projected back at a global...

"POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT" a Solo Exhibition by Fidia Falaschetti

This weekend marked Fidia Falaschetti's first solo exhibition in the United States. Freeway Editions was so excited to attend the opening reception of "POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT" and support one of our incredible artists! The show's artwork takes a detailed look at various social, political, and cultural relationships. From the pyramid of trash and books to the repurposed vintage blackboards taken directly from the artist's hometown elementary school, Fidia Falaschetti gets personal and leaves no issue untouched.

An-Alfabeto: digital influence edition, Gypsum on vintage stone blackboard  39 x 50 in. (99x127cm)