"POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT" a Solo Exhibition by Fidia Falaschetti

This weekend marked Fidia Falaschetti's first solo exhibition in the United States. Freeway Editions was so excited to attend the opening reception of "POL-ETHICALLY CORRECT" and support one of our incredible artists! The show's artwork takes a detailed look at various social, political, and cultural relationships. From the pyramid of trash and books to the repurposed vintage blackboards taken directly from the artist's hometown elementary school, Fidia Falaschetti gets personal and leaves no issue untouched.

An-Alfabeto: digital influence edition, Gypsum on vintage stone blackboard  39 x 50 in. (99x127cm)


From the press release:

"Falaschetti presents a wide range of multi-media pieces that delve into the concepts of commercialism, consumerism, pop culture and the globalization of mainstream media. For this exhibition, the artist explores the relationship between digital and analog, appropriating materials and elements of the past and transforming them into impactful contemporary objects.

As an artist with a commercial and design background, Falaschetti brings something different to the realm commercialism and mainstream media and has now taken a step back to critique and analyze the consequences on both consumers and the art world."


Foreground: Freaky Mouse (gold) Resin, galvanic gold treatment, Edition 2 of 5, 18 x 15 x 5 in. (46x 38x 13 cm)

Background: GIVE ME A PLACE TO STAND AND I WILL MOVE THE E[ART]H, Neon, 12 x 136in. (53x345 cm)


Fidia Falaschetti's work makes apparent the artist's opinions on commercialism and consumer culture but also makes it clear that we, the viewers, are somehow a part of that culture. Thus we have an obligation to reflect on how and why we consume. 

Clark Can't, Hand woven wool and cotton tapestry, 40 32 in. (102x81cm)

We highly suggest for you to experience these multi-media artworks in person at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Culver City the show is on display through December 13th. 



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