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ART NEWS: Freeway Editions' Artists in Bogotá!

This week Freeway Editions artists have all gathered in Bogotá Colombia to participate in a myriad of art fairs, live art events, and the opening group exhibition at Fabien Castanier Gallery's newest location. Barcú, Odeón, and ArtBo are all happening right now in Bogotá and with these fairs comes a frenzy of new works and exciting events to discuss.

At Barcú artist such as: Speedy Graphito, Tilt, Mark Jenkins, Chanoir, DJ Lu, and Ludo are all participating in a special exhibition curated by Fabien...

NEW ARTWORK: Mark Jenkins' New Sculpture Series Available Now!



Mark Jenkins just opened his newest solo exhibition, Still Life, here in Los Angeles. While here, the artist also created a limited edition series of tape sculptures for Freeway Editions! 

"In Still Life Jenkins presents an all-new body of work. The collection features an evocative series of site- specific installations, including three-dimensional canvases, incorporated taxidermy, and a human birdhouse. Akin to traditional notions of the “still life,” his sculptures capture moments that conjure their own realities, presenting tableaus that challenge one’s sense of what is real...

FEATURED ARTIST: Speedy Graphito

It's been awhile since we have talked about one of our Freeway Editions artists, this week we are bringing it back to talk about Frenchman, Speedy Graphito. The artist has been in Los Angeles for the past couple of months working arduously on new work for his upcoming solo exhibition at Fabien Castanier Gallery. The new paintings take on a specific new look, allowing the artist to get back to his roots as a classically trained painter.

About the artist:

Olivier Rizzo, aka Speedy Graphito, is one of the...

Rero in 2015

Freeway Editions has been talking about Rero's upcoming 2015 show in LA for sometime now. We finally had the chance to sit down and speak with the artist in November. His visit to Los Angeles was all about production and preparation for exhibition in the new year, however amongst this chaos Rero was kind enough to talk to us!  We were excited to speak about his artistic background and to hear about his new series of work. Here is what Rero had to say! 

Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you grow up? How did you start making art?


"Speedy Graphito: Made in America" Book Signing

Speedy Graphito's new book "Speedy Graphito: Made in America" has made quite a stir amongst Speedy fans all over the globe! Speedy Graphito has accumulated a large adoring fan base over the course of a 30 year artistic career and of course, why not?! His work has stayed fresh, evocative, and has spoken to all lovers of pop art for decades. The book is the culmination of the past four years the artist spent working in the U.S. This volume on Speedy Graphito’s work, from exhibitions and special projects to performances and art fairs, presents an exclusive look into his...