FEATURED ARTIST: Speedy Graphito

It's been awhile since we have talked about one of our Freeway Editions artists, this week we are bringing it back to talk about Frenchman, Speedy Graphito. The artist has been in Los Angeles for the past couple of months working arduously on new work for his upcoming solo exhibition at Fabien Castanier Gallery. The new paintings take on a specific new look, allowing the artist to get back to his roots as a classically trained painter.

About the artist:

Olivier Rizzo, aka Speedy Graphito, is one of the founders of the French Street Art Movement. Imposing a powerful, innovative style in the early 1980s, Speedy left his mark on a generation of artists and contemporary art.
Always in sync with the times, he stays current by inventing iconoclastic pictorial languages that satire society. In decades of evolution, Speedy Graphito has mastered a style that explores the tragedies of commercialism while referencing pop culture icons and street art influences. Particularly inspired by the iconography of animated characters from movies and television, Speedy aims to re-interpret the visual landscape that has become so commonplace. His influence on new generations of artists and the current culture is unparalleled. Speedy Graphito’s works are found in private and public collections throughout the world.
Speedy Graphito lives and works in Paris. 

Smiley Edition

This new series of paintings takes a critical look at contemporary consumer culture. Commercialism coupled with images of pop cultural icons have remained constant themes throughout Speedy Graphito’s artistic repertoire, however in his new body of work, the artist shifts his creative focus to representations of advertising. By deconstructing and collaging familiar images, Speedy confronts advertising’s unfiltered philosophy.


To see the new body of work and meet the artist, make sure to check out the opening reception happening on Saturday, May 2nd. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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