ART NEWS: Freeway Editions' Artists in Bogotá!

This week Freeway Editions artists have all gathered in Bogotá Colombia to participate in a myriad of art fairs, live art events, and the opening group exhibition at Fabien Castanier Gallery's newest location. Barcú, Odeón, and ArtBo are all happening right now in Bogotá and with these fairs comes a frenzy of new works and exciting events to discuss.

At Barcú artist such as: Speedy Graphito, Tilt, Mark Jenkins, Chanoir, DJ Lu, and Ludo are all participating in a special exhibition curated by Fabien Castanier entitled House of Urban Art. The exhibition is a collection of the world’s top urban contemporary artists showcasing various installation projects and collaborations. This event is taking place in tandem with Fashion House and the Treasure of SXX, curated by Philippa Adams.

At Odeón RERO will be on display and will be working with other artists around the city on various collaborations and crossovers between events.

The opening group show entitled DANDO PAPAYA, introduces the works of LudoJonOneREROSpeedy GraphitoFidia Falaschetti, Tilt and Mark Jenkins.

 Stay tuned for more info and images from these events! 

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