NEW ARTWORK: Mark Jenkins' New Sculpture Series Available Now!



Mark Jenkins just opened his newest solo exhibition, Still Life, here in Los Angeles. While here, the artist also created a limited edition series of tape sculptures for Freeway Editions! 

"In Still Life Jenkins presents an all-new body of work. The collection features an evocative series of site- specific installations, including three-dimensional canvases, incorporated taxidermy, and a human birdhouse. Akin to traditional notions of the “still life,” his sculptures capture moments that conjure their own realities, presenting tableaus that challenge one’s sense of what is real and what is not. Jenkins constructs his people, animals, children – entities commonly filled with life – into inanimate objects, frozen in bizarre postures and scenarios. By creating these unconventional situations, he re-contextualizes commonplace ideas or things and inserts them into a new landscape in which the viewer plays an integral part."

Now available exclusively on Freeway Editions, the hand-crafted limited editions by Mark Jenkins, Baby. These pieces come in four different colors: prickly pear (pink), blue lagoon (blue), absinthe (green), and purple drank (purple). Edition of 10 each color, made with clear tape, resin and mixed media, measuring approx. 13 x 5 x 7 in. (33x13x18cm). Signed and Numbered by the artist. Don't miss out on these limited editions! 

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