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JonOne and West Side Stories

Freeway Editions is focusing on the work of JonOne today. We added this West Side Stories series to our online art gallery a few months ago and thought we should give these artworks a bit more attention. Therefore this series of hand-painted screen prints are our product of the week! These hand- painted pieces were made in our studio in Los Angeles, in June 2014 while JonOne was in residence for his West Side Stories exhibition.
JonOne individually painted each piece of this limited edition set before and after 2 silkscreen...

Kai Aspire

This week Freeway Editions is presenting Kai Aspire as our artist of the week. We have not talked much about Kai recently and he is one of our favorite local artists so here is a bit more about this artist’s background and his work.

Kai is originally from Los Angeles and now lives and works between Paris and LA. Having this kind of cultural cross over has really informed his artwork. Kai aka Kai Apsire takes Andy Warhol’s ideas of pop art to the next level. Warhol’s Factory and all...

"I Will Tell You Mine..."

As mentioned in previous blogs, RERO is in Los Angeles preparing for his second solo exhibition in the US. While here in the states the artist has created several new prints for Freeway Editions. We are excited to have new material from this progressive wordsmith! Take a look at this new series of prints entitled "Untitled (I Will Tell You Mine...)". Let us know what you think! 

Stay tuned for more new work by RERO

Untitled (I...


Bumblebee has been working on lots of new projects around the city so this week Freeway Editions is featuring Bumblebee's prints as our product of the week.
Bumblebeelovesyou's art often speaks to a specific public with subjects of innocence, coming of age, and transition. These themes are combined with a color palette of yellow and black to create an iconic and evocative style.
The work of Bumblebee has merged the ideas of stenciled street art, mural making, and appropriation to create an unique visual dialogue between the art of urban Los Angeles and the art found in the city’s gallery...


It was at the end of the 1980s when Mist discovered graffiti along the railroads of the RER (REGIONAL EXPRESS RAIL) while going to a graphic art school in Paris. Captivated by what he saw, he created his first graffiti piece in 1988. His paintings, with their slightly acid colors and wildstyle shapes, leave a lasting impression on the viewer and have made their mark on contemporary urban culture. Mist currently lives and works in Montpellier, France.

Freeway Editions worked exclusively with Mist to create a unique series of hand-painted screen prints for our online art gallery. Take a look at...