Kai Aspire

This week Freeway Editions is presenting Kai Aspire as our artist of the week. We have not talked much about Kai recently and he is one of our favorite local artists so here is a bit more about this artist’s background and his work.

Kai is originally from Los Angeles and now lives and works between Paris and LA. Having this kind of cultural cross over has really informed his artwork. Kai aka Kai Apsire takes Andy Warhol’s ideas of pop art to the next level. Warhol’s Factory and all the work they produced was groundbreaking social commentary in the mid 20th century. Kai Aspire is working in the 21st century a time where people are inundated with imagery even more consistently. He takes images from popular culture and advertisements and appropriates their messages into the format of street art. Therefore he has now taken those Warholian concepts and turned them into an in your face socio-economic observation that truly compels the viewer to not only observe the art but think about a specific message, to reflect inward. 

Residing in two of the world’s largest and most expensive cities has allowed Kai to see the deconstruction of moral. He draws from these experiences to create an exclusive characteristic of street art, street art that screams for attention, and counteracts society’s constant ‘brainwashing’.”

Kai’s has painted the urban landscape all around LA and abroad, throwing cultural icons into viewers faces and forcing his audience to reevaluate cultural consumption. His work is consistently satirical but with a dark truth. He works in a multitude of mediums and although started as a street artists has evolved to also work in gallery spaces.

Check out his website to see his multi-faceted, blossoming art career. 



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