New Screen Prints from Speedy Graphito...

In tandem with our exciting new website launch we also have some unique new prints by Speedy Graphito to add to the Freeway Editions collection! These one of a kind pieces were recently made here in Los Angeles.
While here on the west coast in July-August 2014, Speedy Graphito worked with our print shop Serio Press to create a new series of original hand-painted screen prints entitled “Angel Demon” and “Smiley”. Each print features two artist created characters exemplifying Speedy Graphito’s signature satirical style.

This screen-printing (also known as serigraphy) process is all done by hand from start to finish.

First Step:

In our studio here in Los Angeles, Speedy Graphito painted a series of unique designs for each paper piece. These designs served as a background for the artist created ink-block stencil, which is later applied in the screen-printing process.


Second Step:

The series of twenty-four paper pieces are taken to the shop for the screen-printing. Each piece of art paper is placed under a framed woven mesh screen, which supports an ink-block stencil. The stencil forms open holes in the mesh for the ink to be transferred through onto the paper. This is done by hand with a large squeegee, which forces the ink through the mesh openings and onto the printing surface.
The process is repeated for each piece two times with two different colors. 

Third Step:

Back in the studio Speedy Graphito hand-painted and enhanced each print with a series of original graphics, illustrations, and paint splatters. 


Enjoy this little glimpse at Speedy Graphito’s artistic process!

View the Angel Demon” and “Smiley” collections of hand-painted screen prints on Freeway Editions.

Click here to learn more about French artist Speedy Graphito.

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