JonOne's Artwork Coming Soon on Freeway Editions!

JonOne started his career as a street artist in New York, drawing form his environment and hardships. With a painterly approach, always working with paintbrushes instead of spray paint, from the beginning, the young JonOne was bored of the conventional techniques and later shifted his focus to canvas and hand-painted screen prints. He says this of his early years "I have received no arts education. When I tagged trains in New York, I could not imagine that one day I would express myself on canvas…”
Jon eventually became bored of what America had to offer and disliked his work being viewed as a crime so he took his talents elsewhere, to start a new artistic trajectory. He moved to Paris in 1987 and began working with other graffiti artists there to build something lasting. His first solo show was in 1990 at Gallery 45 Gleditsch in Berlin, the show launched his career in the Europe art scene and since JonOne has become an internationally exhibited artist. Most recently JonOne has been showing both in the US and in Europe and has in the past year added Asia to his map: June 7, 2014 - July 12, 2014 - Fabien Castanier Gallery - Los Angeles, USA May 8, 2014 - June 21, 2014 - Art Statements Gallery - JonOne: Back In Town - Hong Kong, China March 22, 2014 - June 28, 2014 Galerie Rabouan-moussion Gallery - Evolution To Oils - Paris, France February 27, 2014 - March 22, 2014 - Kolly Gallery - WAP - Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition to traveling the world, working with Perrier and Rhum Clement, JonOne has managed to find the time to create an incredible new set of prints for Freeway Editions. Over the past few months Jon has hand-painted not one but two new sets of screen-prints for our collection. Here is a sneak peek at what Jon has been working on.
The series will be available this Thursday, September 25, 2014 so don’t miss out!



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