Rubin415 at C.A.V.E. Gallery

Los Angeles is a city full of art, creatives, and endless opportunities for experiencing the arts so FreeWay Editions really enjoys being able to take advantage of those opportunities and share it with you, our readers! Last week we attended a great show at C.A.V.E. Gallery in the Abbott Kinney neighborhood of Venice Beach. The gallery hosted an opening reception last Saturday Oct. 11 for artists: Joshua Charles Hart, Kyle Hughes-Odgers and Rubin415.

Freeway Editions was particularly excited about urban artist Rubin415's new work in the show. The pieces were significantly smaller than his usual wall murals but the clean lines, crisp geometry and muted colors were all present. The works were made on wood panel, some larger, some smaller but all display a centered circular geometric maze for the viewer to transverse. The artist is known for his use of geometry but in these small-scale versions one can really see the meticulous detail and care that goes into each individual piece.


On the adjacent walls to Rubin's panel pieces a very different narrative unfolded; two artists who create wonderful worlds of playful narratives. The other artists in the show Joshua Charles Hart’s and Kyle Hughes-Odgers both create very personal and resolute stories through their works.

As a much more stream of consciousness artist Hart’s work unfolds in layers of color, abstract shapes, and quirky characters all trying to be heard. “So Quiet, So Small” is about finding a personal voice. Among the chaos of shapes, colors, and surreal figures Hart has weaved small lines of poetry or simple one liners that really give the viewer a sense of the personality behind the figures.

On the opposite wall Kyle Hughes-Odgers’, “All The Wrong Places” tells a different kind of story. His figures are much more precise, yet they still contain elements of playful narrative, and like Hart’s there's a thread of melancholy that seeps through.

The gallery really lends to the work they show, the space is small and intimate, which really forces the viewer to interact with the art. C.A.V.E. Gallery stays true to its name the space is a nice safe haven from the hustle and Saturday night crowd of the Abbott Kinney. We suggest checking out the show in person and tell us your thoughts!




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