Balancing of Light and Dark

Freeway Editions has written about the work of Rimi Yang before but only specifically about her prints and small works. Although a talented print artist who straddles borders in contemporary art, Yang’s work is primarily done on canvas therefore today we focus on her talents as an oil painter.

Rimi Yang is a Korean artist who was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. Yang moved to L.A. in the early 90’s to attend school and study art and since has been living and working in Los Angeles ever since.
Yang is known for her intense enthusiasm for vibrant color, which is manifested in both her figurative and her abstract paintings. She celebrates the chaotic duality in life through her art; she revels in the confusions created by mankind trying to bring order to the disordered. 

Creating a new vernacular through layers of color, paint and texture she is dedicated to making each painting more unique than the last. Yang’s work is both figurative as well as abstract. Her subjects are people from another time and place, figures that harken back to 17th-18th century portraiture. However these refined portraits are contrasted against surreal backdrops of abstracted patchy color. Yang’s work is feminine but not in a stereotypically lighthearted way. There’s darkness among the vibrant color and gentle faces. And with this myriad of contrasts she creates layers of paint, texture, and emotion.


Rimi Yang will be displaying her work at this year’s LA Art Show. Blue Rain Gallery will be representing the artist and we suggest that you stop by and experience these paintings in person. More information on the LA Art Show coming soon.




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