Alex "DEFER" Kizu’s typographic work has been revered as complex and unique in the realm of Los Angeles street art. Hailing from the community of Boyle Heights, Alex Kizu has taken his culture and connection with the urban landscape and created a profound artistic language, which distorts the lines between street art and fine art. DEFER is considered a forebear in the subculture of LA graffiti artists.
As an original member of crews such as K2S, STN, and KGB, DEFER has been an integral part of the street art movement in Los Angeles and consistently draws inspiration from his roots.
Kizu’s influences are evident throughout his work, whether a canvas, print or mural work they all speak to his indigenous genre. His style has evolved from that of his youth, his hand style art is now combined with other provocative cultural imagery to create something uniquely urban. As of late the artist has been working on various pieces for art fairs around the nation as well as doing some large scale interior work, I have even recently seen a DEFER rug in the past few weeks. Kizu's work spans all sorts of environments and mediums however his style is consistent, fluid, and sharp. Check out his recent work as well as his hand painted HPM. 


Rapture edition 7 of 8  is part of an original set of hand-painted prints from urban contemporary artist Alex "DEFER" Kizu. Each piece of this limited edition set was individually painted by the artist after 1 silkscreen color was applied to a high quality Khadi paper, handmade in IndiaThis process allows the artist to handle each edition one by one, which makes every piece in a set very unique and authentic. Each edition is signed and numbered by Alex "DEFER" Kizu.



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