ART NEWS: The Venice Art Crawl

This week we are discussing some local art news! Culver City's neighbor Venice Beach is having it's quarterly Art Crawl on March 19th. The Venice Beach neighborhood of Abbot Kinney is home to this month's crawl where art galleries, vendors, restaurants and locals will all participate in a night of arts and culture. 

More about the event: "The Venice Art Crawl is an organization by and for the people. Our goal is to share, inspire and promote collaboration within the Venice community through mixers and art events. Join us by attending, sharing your vision and what inspires you. Our goal is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically and currently makes Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community."

 The neat thing about Los Angeles is there are so many small arts communities all over the city and there is always something happening. If you have any events you would like us to know about please do not hesitate to email us

 We are excited for the first Art Crawl of 2015! See you there! 

For more information about the event please see the official website. 




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