ART NEWS: Miss Van in Los Angeles

Miss Van has been in LA for a few weeks working on several new projects. Most recently she created a mural in West Hollywood at the famed Palace Costume and Prop Company. The building itself is a huge three story warehouse with the facade of a castle. The space is full of costume rentals for the film industry so the bizarre facade and privacy seemed to intrigue Miss Van. According to the artist's blog about the project she just walked in and asked permission to paint the mural! Along with a few of the artists' friends, Miss Van and her crew transformed this strange space into something alluringly whimsical, more befitting to the wonders inside those grey stone walls! Check out some of the images of the project by Birdman Photography, for more images and info visit Miss Van's blog.



Make sure to check back for more exciting news about Miss Van and her time in Los Angeles!

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