ART NEWS: Art Happenings Near and Far

It is officially spring and creeping quickly into summer here in Los Angeles. This transition means a lot of things for this city but mostly that music and arts events start saturating the weekend calendars.We are trying to keep up and share relevant information about not only the street art happenings but all kinds of art events around LA and internationally. Here are some intriguing events from this past weekend as well as upcoming shows! Enjoy!  

Last week marked the start of Coachella Arts and Music festival, now spanning over two weekends, the festival has become somewhat of a mecca pilgrimage every spring for LA party goers. Hoards of people head to the desert to listen to music and experience public art works. This article from LA Weekly sums up the art installation at this year's festival quite nicely. Because at somepoint this fesitval was more off the beaten path and WAS about the art and music and less about the party and fashion scene. Oh well. 

Secondly, there is a stellar group show happening this week in Breda. From Widewalls:

"Breda Street Art Exhibition is an upcoming group show that is going to take place in Breda, Holland the following week. Breda Street Art is organized by Vroom & Varossieau and has international character. It is going to feature works of nine street artists who are amongst the most famous graffiti artists of today. Including the great Banksy followed by Logan Hicks, The London Police, Faile, Retna, Jaune,HandiedanJon Burgerman and Kaws. Breda Street Art Exhibition is first of many shows that Vroom & Varossieau are planning. Vroom & Varossieau are founders of the Look for Art Gallery established in 2010."

The list of participating artists looks incredible, if only we could be there! 

And last but certainly not least, a public performance piece is set to take place this Saturday in the West Hollywood area. Artist and photographer Richard Kraft is performing his piece "100 Walkers" for several hours in and around the major streets in WeHo. In evocative piece that involves people clad in all black walking around with sandwich boards strung about their bodies, the boards will include 100 various images and phrases that approach all sorts of subject matter. The viewer interacts with the walker as a passerby and is confronted with the imagery or phrase for only a short period of time. For more information about the project see Richard Kraft's website. 

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