ART NEWS: Art Happenings Past, Present, and Future.

The Summer is coming to a close! The art world is gearing up for Fall and that means art fair season. Although it does not feel like Summer will ever end here in Los Angeles, we thought we would do a little recap of art news from last week to distract you from the heat or post Summertime blues.  


Photo: NY Times

1. Banksy's Dismaland- Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Banksy's latest pop up exhibition in an abandoned theme park. Just when you think he has done it all! Check out this NY Times article to learn more. 


2. Risk released his latest book chronicling his artistic career! It looks rad! Check it out on his website

Photo via: @bumblebeelovesyou Instagram

3. Bumblebeelovesyou has been busy as a bee this summer! The artist just completed another new mural in Culver City, make sure to check it out! More info on the artist's Instagram.


4. Art fair season is just around the corner! The Street Art Fair is coming to Los Angeles in early October so make sure to mark your calendars! 

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